The Only Public Grass Tennis Courts in the Pacific Northwest

WimbleDon Grass Tennis Courts

Save the Grass Courts Association - SAGA

Join SAGA today!  Benefits of membership include:

  • Discounts on tournament entry fees (at least $10 / event entered)
  • Play Free on non-tournament days
  • Knowing you have made a contribution to keep this unique facility alive!

SAGA Memberships:

  • Individual:  $75 / year
  • Family:  $125 / year

Send membership fees to:
Bill McGrath

SAGA Treasurer

2361 E. Gloucester Pl.

Boise, ID  83706

All SAGA board members serve without pay and personally absorb 

most of the expenses they incur in their service to SAGA.

         SAGA, Inc. is a non-profit corporation established in 2007 to help maintain the courts and organize play.  If your organization wishes to hold an event on the grass courts, you will make arrangements through SAGA.  Although the players do not have to become members, we strongly encourage you to join.  We also encourage you to make your first experience playing on grass be one of SAGA's events.  If your first experience playing on grass is in a group event, it will be so much more memorable and so much more fun.  We guarantee you will want to come back for more!

Grass courts are very expensive and time-consuming to maintain.  Maintenance of the WimbleDon Grass Tennis Courts  is funded from membership fees and court use fees.  Membership rates have decreased every years since the inception of SAGA.  We really do need your memberships!